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The image above is a coat of arms from the book "Die Wappen der alten Bauerfamilien in der holsteinischen Elbmarschen" published in 1920. In that book, the Kreys are described as a well-to-do family from the Wilster-Marsh. A specific mention is made regarding a Nikolaus Kreye living at Roskop in 1448. In some holstein dialects, the word "crow" is pronounced like Krey, which explains the bird in the coat of arms. 

Thanks to Hans-Christian Krey for supplying this information.  

Michael Krey (1771-1808)
Gross Linau, Preussen


The image above is from the title page of the book:
Die Kreyen: Stammtafeln und weibliche Blutlinien
(The Kreys: Pedigrees and maternal bloodlines)
Published by: Familenverband der Kreyen, 1932
Includes pedigrees for a dozen or so lines including upwards of 2,500 Kreys dating back to 1355.
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